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At Terrace Dental Care we now offer a new type of crown designed by computerised technology (CEREC). The crown is milled on our premises and fitted on the same day.

Traditionally, these restorations would take multiple appointments and involve a technician.

A specialist digital camera is used to capture images of the patient’s teeth. This allows ceramic crowns, fillings or veneers to be designed virtually on a computer.

Cerec can also be combined with 3D X-ray technology to make customized templates for guided implant placement.

This provides many benefits for individuals undergoing implant treatment including a shorter operation and healing time. In most cases, there is no need to expose the patient’s jaw bone as implant site preparation and placement can be carried out through the gum.

This means that moulds, a second appointment, and a temporary crown are no longer necessary. The crowns are made from porcelain or reinforced glass. In the future zirconia crowns will be available.

Crowns are made to match the other teeth as closely as possible. The shape of the crown also matches the adjacent teeth. Because the material of the crown is different to the adjacent teeth you may be aware of it for a few days. Occasionally you may need to return for adjustments.

It is important that you look after the crown as you would the rest of your teeth by cleaning it with fluoride toothpaste, and flossing around it. You should avoid eating sticky foods that may loosen the glue. Properly looked after crowns should last many years.

The practice equipment includes:

  • Cone Beam CT Scanner
  • Zeiss Microscope
  • Cerec, laser and microsurgery equipment

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